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Mens Skins DNAmic Long Tights

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Gear your legs for game day in SKINS DNAmic Men’s Long Tights. Featuring SKINS medium DNAmic Gradient Compression profile and comfortable features like a wide microfibre jaquard waistband and shaped crotch, these long tights are engineered to improve your form, stability and output during team sport training and match days.



SKINS innovative new range transcends normal measures, seeking to combine compression and vibrant aesthetics with equal aplomb. Implementing their revolutionary Dynamic Gradient Compression within a matrix of sport enhancing qualities, SKINS have engineered a performance piece destined to power the wearer through warm-up to workout.

The DNAmic Tights merge all-round body compression with a comfortable design geared to promote ultimate performance. By boosting blood flow to the major muscle groups in the lower region, the tights aim to minimise muscle fatigue, allowing for longer performance levels.

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