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Mens Skins A400 Half Tights

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The Skins A400 range is designed for athletes in motion, designed specifically to maintain the optimal compression levels to working muscles. Skins have worked with leading scientists to develop a way of ensuring compression levels are optimized for activity.

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Skins A400 Compression Shorts have specially developed A-seams, which are 30% stronger than overlock stitches and sit flat against your body for the ultimate comfort and durability without chafing. The Illiotibial band (ITB) are at a high risk of injury during running, skins technology reduces the pressure on the ITB helps to reduce localized fatigue and the risk of injury. The new A400 construction delivers the most precise compression possible. This construction applies more pressure to those muscles which are furthest from your heart. This forces blood back to your heart more efficiently. Skins technology helps to improve your circulation, increases the flow of oxygen to your muscles and reduces the build of blood lactate.

Skins have worked with leading scientists to develop a way of ensuring compression levels are optimized for activity. Their precision fit uses 800,000 measurements, collected from each participant in a 3D body scanning study, hundreds of athletes, of all shapes and sizes, which helped to create the most varied sizing structure in the industry, improving fit, comfort and compression. SKINS A400 Compression Tight Shorts are constructed using five different technical fabrics and individual panels. These panels follow the natural lines of your muscles and tendons with the seams placed specifically to act as anchor points, offering focused support and stability to major muscle groups. ADAPTIVE Technology helps to deal with temperature control and moisture management. When your cool, the unique polymer binds moisture in to keep you feeling warm. Then when you heat up it releases stored moisture to the surface where it can evaporate naturally, helping your body cool down.

Dynamic Gradient Compression technology increases circulation to deliver more oxygen to your working muscles. The 210D Memory MX fabric over your ITB and TFL muscle groups reduces pressure whilst ensuring natural function to reduce the risk of injury.

The shorts have 360 degree reflectivity, using premium reflective glass bead technology, making you safe and visible in any light. The fabric also has 50+ UV protection, so not even the sun can stop you. Skins compression fabric is warp knitted, using multiple fine quality yarns for extra strength. Also integrated is Skins’ own Elastane mix which delivers specific levels of elasticity and perfectly controlled compression at all times, allowing it to return to its original tension and shape. The waistband is designed to be wider the crotch is shaped specifically for added comfort. The leg length finished just above the knee, ensuring all of your quad muscles are covered.

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